Grassland Reading Room

Grasslands Reading Room offers visitors an ecological experience that combines two elements: a ‘Reading Room’ of print materials and drawings created in the Konza Prairie. This unique reading room provides access to a diverse range of perspectives on grassland conservation, including research articles, transcripts of interviews with scientists, and works on paper by Erin Wiersma, whose work relies on interaction with grasslands in states of controlled burn. This interdisciplinary experience addresses a central question: How can we increase public awareness of grassland ecology through art and science?

The research library was first launched at The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, for the annual Prairie Festival, the Institute’s largest event of the year. Starting in 2024, this Reading Room will become a traveling exhibition in collaboration with local institutions.

Curators: Katie Kingery-Page, PLA, ASLA; Carol Sevin, MLIS; Katy Silber, Ph.D. & Erin Wiersma